Artists seeking Stages

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Artists seeking Stages

Post by AntiM » Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:47 pm

For artists seeking a venue on the playa.

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Post by Medium » Mon Jan 12, 2009 12:56 pm

Two house DJ's from Virginia. We pretty much play for the mood, but stick to progressive house, trance,....

Anthony Paul has played Ibiza, D.C., Florida, NY, we have similar styles. He's a great producer. Check out his recent track (soon to be released on our label (Medium Music). We will be playing a lot of unreleased tracks from our label to get some feedback, but are generally looking to have some fun...

We'll be bringing DJ gear, but need a sound system to hook into...

Dance like no one is watching...

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Post by Arantele » Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:34 am

ok, so I'll post this here now..

Im lookin for a place to play while at the burn this year.. This is my second year going and would very much like to complete the experience by dropping some tunes!!

I play psy trance and progressive house.. I have played all over the bay area, reno and arizona.. I don't have any current demo's of my new stuff up on the web, but I do have some "older" trance mixes from back in the day.

Thanks everyone!

Moon Dawg
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That Funky Freshness

Post by Moon Dawg » Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:42 pm

Just an MC who would love a dusty mic to touch in the sunshine.
Love isn't how you feel, it's what you do.

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a sea of dirac
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drum and bass dj from phoenix/glendale az

Post by a sea of dirac » Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:07 pm

hi there,my name is james and this is gonna be my first burningman event!
i really would like to be able to play a venue to share some hard dark and evil dnb tunes that i myself have produced or others in my crew have made. i make other things as well which are mostly linked here(some thing i keep private to drop on the dance floor and watch people cream... i love that feeling... hehehe...)
my stuff can be looked up and listened to at either, a wordpress thing(my blog style front page, cause i am a slacker and have no time to do a proper aspx style page....need to update the links cause i had to change them to fit the format necessary to post links on here...) (ftp style) easiest for listining of tunez
or on my myspace page at my myspace, a sea of dirac
here are three of my most recent mixes, i can post track listings if necessary.
dnb: ... _dirac.mp3 (fall 2006) ... h_blah.mp3 (end of 08' mix)

here are some tunes i have made too to get people intrested....

a sea of dirac - the one (more down tempo trip hop ish..)

julie mcknight - finally (asod remix)

a sea of dirac - subconscious ... scious.mp3

a sea of dirac - head trip

a sea of dirac - i'm dreaming about you ... ut_you.mp3

unknown- unknown( a sea of dirac and infinity rmx) ... finity.mp3

a sea of dirac - Evangellion ... _dirac.mp3

a sea of dirac & infinity - can't let go ... let_go.mp3

justin timberlake - what goes around ( a sea of dirac neurotic rmx, feat infinity) ... around.mp3

a sea of dirac & infinity feat britney spears - turn the lights down ... s_down.mp3

iio - rapture (a sea of dirac rmx for crystal)

a sea of dirac - za

there are tons upon tons more.... jsut wanted to give a taste of what i have to offer y'all out thar!

get at me at either my email which is [email protected]
or aim/msn/yahoo im's which are all posted in my profile
as previously stated i would love to come rock a set or a few to get people moving and having a great time! the only things i need are cd decks because i refuse to bring my precious vinyl into the desert, byt the time of the event i should have another set of cdj's in some form and a mixer if it is needed to play. i will play any slot any time any where and any style..... as shown i am quite flexible in my crate and jsut love to play!!!!!!

a sea of dirac

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Post by accordionMan » Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:12 pm

Count me in!

Rob the accordionMan here.

If you're looking for some rockin' accordion... I play a wide range of music... very high energy.

(sorry, no polkas)

Here's a clip of me playing the Devil Goes Down to Georgia at Horny Camp... from a few years ago on the playa.

Some accordion at BM:

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Post by Gravybrain » Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:47 pm

Chico California Acid Jazz/Fusion band Gravybrain will be returning to the playa this year for our 2nd year as a band and are looking for venues. We are a 6 piece very jammy and improv band and rocked the playa at last years brun (Camp Gravybrain 9:30B) and at the SF Decomp last Oct. Hit us up! join our myspace @

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anthony paul
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Post by anthony paul » Tue Feb 03, 2009 4:18 am

Hey everyone! If you are seeking a house DJ, check me out. That's the link to my website, and I spin pretty much all types of house music. :)

I have several mixes, a lot of production, and everything else you would need to know on the website.

I also made a track called "Burning Man".

Check it out, and let me know what you think of it. It's trance, and I normally don't produce trance, but I am loving it!


The Chinese
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Post by The Chinese » Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:42 pm

GravyBrain -

Come play at Transmorphagon's stage!! You were going to play with us at the L.A. Decom, but it didn't work out, so let's do it at the Burn this year!!!

We have a Full stage, Sound System, etc et al. Maybe do a Big show Fri Night?

The Biggest Distraction... Funk On the Playa, Live uncut Funk, TheBomb, Comin at you from the Transmorphogon, 500 Kilowatts of Pure Funk Power. You Will be groovin'. So when yer sick of the Boomp Boomp of the Burn, come down to the T-Dome and Learn....

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Mike Ryan (from Canada) - Ten - Part 1 (House/Tech-House)

Post by djveteZe » Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:00 pm

I'll be staying at Burning Belly camp again this year but if anyone wants me to stop by with some tunes then send me a message. ;)

Here's my latest mix:


Sometime at the beginning of 1999 I got the DJ bug – badly. I had already been into electronic music for many years and had even dabbled in creating music on computers from about 1992 – 96. But I had never been clued into the party and house music scene that had already been going on for years before I discovered it. I bought my first decks (Gemini) and a mixer (Numark) that spring. From that point there was no looking back. Over the years DJing had always been a secondary, luxurious, expensive and indulgent hobby – but around about 2005 I started to get super relaxed and comfortable playing in front of friends and crowds and from there the act (art?) of playing for people became a serious addiction. Every time I played I didn't want to stop. At the end of the session I was craving it more than ever and I was planning my next party minutes after the last one had ended. I love seeing the look on people's faces when you play them a song that blows their mind for the first time. When I can see them running out of steam I love dropping the classic tune that melts their hearts and has them raising their hands in the air and thinking how great it is to be alive and keeps them dancing way past their bedtime. You feed off it. It gives you energy which you feed back to them.

This mix series celebrates my ten years of DJing for all of you, my friends. Ten years of buying, collecting, digesting, spinning and living and breathing music. The first part is mostly the dark techno/tech-house early hours stuff that I’ve been playing a lot since returning from Burning Man. The second part will be a classics mix – the stuff that I only get to play about one or two times a year when I'm running into my 5th hour up on the decks – when I get into classics mode, it's anybody's guess how much longer the party will continue for. If I have time then I will complete a third chill-out mix but don't count on it.

Thanks everyone for dancing. Please don't ever stop. I hope the next ten years are as amazing as the last.

Mike Ryan

Ten - Part 1
January 8, 2009

Podcast people - iTunes Link
Direct download - Right Click / Save As [164 MB]

1 - Butch, Julie Marghilano - Last Tango
2 - Ost & Kjex, Solomun - Federgewicht (Hamburg Version)
3 - Matthew Dear - Free To Ask (D'Julz)
4 - ICube - Supernovac (Live At The Lanchonete Version)
5 - Maskio - Monday (Dusty Kid Likes Maski)
6 - Funk D'Void, Sian - Ginebra (Onionz Corrosion)
7 - Hugo & Daniele Papini - Arduer
8 - Deepgroove - Bad Acid
9 - Brodinski - Oblivion
10 - Kerri Chandler - Pong (Ben Klock's Bones & Strings Rework)
11 - Paolo Mojo, Jim Rivers - Ron Hardy Said
12 - Sei A - Smile For Me (Chaim)
13 - Radio Slave - Bell Clap Dance (Slam Paragraph)
14 - Kiko - Sunburn (Hot Burn)
15 - Einmusik - Pearls
16 - Cedric Vital - Panorama (Manuel De La Mare)
17 - Plus & Minus - Atlantide (Kiko)
18 - Tommyboy - Airlead
19 - M83 - Couleurs (Sasha Invol2ver)
20 - Motorcitysoul - Change You feat. Ovasoul 7
21 - Deepgroove - Bad Acid (Style of Eye)
22 - Francis Preve - Caboose (Josh Gabriel)
23 - Pryda - Wakanapi

Mike Ryan

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Amsterdam based Minimal Techno DJ who would love to play at

Post by wesdex » Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:57 am


I am an Amsterdam / Utrecht (The Netherlands) based Minimal Techno DJ and will visit Burning Man this year. Now I really really really would love to do a view DJ sets at the festival!

If you don't know me, I played at events like Cocoon, Time Warp, Welcome To The Future Festival and Source Festival in Holland and Sonne Mond Sterne and Nature One Camping Rave in Germany. Besides that I organize club nights in Club Poema, Doornroosje, Melkweg (The Milkyway) and Flex Bar. I did DJ sets together with Krause Duo, Matthias Kaden, Audio Werner, Dave Ellesmere, Boris Werner and many other.

Please write me back if you can let me perform, or if you can get me in contact with sound systems who organize raves at this festival. Of course my DJ fee will be 0 dollar because I'm on a wonderfull holiday!

Some footage:
1. Welcome To The Future Festival:
2. Soja (yes I am vegan:-) At The Beach:
3. My events: &
4. And a DJ set recorded prime time at Studio80 Amsterdam: ... 8.mp3.html

[email protected]
[email protected]

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Lightning Temple music every night

Post by amoration » Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:55 am

Minimal techno + live instruments + choir, get in touch...we have a large community of artists, many based in LA but all over the world that will come together to build Lightning Temple this year. We're looking for participants on all levels and most of our choir/musicians/DJs also work with us behind the scenes as builders, documentarians, communicators and engineers.
Visit to join us in 2009!
Evonne Heyning, Creative Director
@amoration and @lightningtemple

(we're full for DJs in 2009 but keep the great music coming for future international events)

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Post by Gravybrain » Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:12 pm

Hey Chinese - Gravybrain would love to do a show at Transmorphagon, I sent you a PM

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Post by ecweber » Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:35 pm

Yo Gravybrain!

I'll send you guys a PM on MySpace, but I did talk to David briefly about the Precompression in SF this coming June... I'm open and would love to add some saxophone to the mix. If you guys are up for it, let me know.

And you guys would rock Transmorphagon!

Chinese - these guys kick ass!

Grasp The Erro
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dj from canada

Post by Grasp The Erro » Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:01 am

My name is Jay Nichol and I spin under the alias Grasp The Erro. Can't wait for this year's festival I would love to come and play on any stage either by myself or others and love a good jam with live musicians. I have put together a 3 disk demo package entitled The Beat Slinger Series. Vol. 1 Drum & Bass, Vol. 2 Breakbeat, and Vol. 3 Dubstep. I am sending out this package to festivals, clubs and promoters in order to create some interest and possibly line up some gigs. I would love to send you a copy for your perusal. If you would be interested in getting a media kit, including bio and mixes I can mail you a copy or send you some links to download 320CBR MP3 versions of all the sets. Thanks for taking the time to read this and best of luck with all your upcoming endeavours. Here are links to torrents of my sets. I have content distribution support from mininova so the download speed is fantastic. I prefer to use torrents to retain the original quality of the set and that way you can get the whole package with artwork, bio, and set description with track listing.

The Beat Slinger Series Vol. 1 - dnb

The Beat Slinger Series Vol. 2 - breaks

The Beat Slinger Series Vol. 3 - dubstep


Jay Nichol
Grasp The Erro
grasptheerro @

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Taal Fiza - Ready!!

Post by taalfiza » Thu May 07, 2009 4:41 pm

Ready !!

music sample:


Taal Fiza
Poi Pixies
Pixie Hoops
Big Bass Theory

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Post by djmisshaze » Wed May 13, 2009 1:15 pm

2 FEMALE DJ'S LOOKING FOR CAMPS TO ROCK THIS YEAR!! whats up everyone!!!! me, miss haze and my girl lisa sleeves are THE HYBRID STRAIN and we are looking to spread our love and talent of dubstep and drum and bass to more camps this year.... you might have found us at the moonshine tavern last year but this year we want to get around like the dirty little playa djs we are mmmm.... you can get info and a mix at the mix is old but just let us know and we can send out a new one !!! please contact us on myspace or email us at [email protected]....... thanks and see everyone in brc for some evolution madness wooo!!!!!

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Lantz Lazwell
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Looking for venues in BRC this year...

Post by Lantz Lazwell » Tue May 19, 2009 4:03 pm

Hello my name is Paul Evans from Upmost High Booking Agency (I am running most of Lantz's social networking sites, Myspace, Sonicbids, etc....), i work directly with bands such as- Fishbone, Trulio Disgracias (members of Fishbone, P-Funk, and Red-Hot Chili Peppers), George Clinton and the P-Funk All-stars, and most recently Kim Manning and Lantz Lazwell.... i am posting this message about my newest duo act Kim manning (of George Clinton's P-Funk All-stars) and Lantz Lazwell (of Trulio Disgracias)... they are two accomplished solo artist's that have joined forces and continue to shock audiences across the country with their blend of Rock , Funk and Soul. They are currently on tour in the Mid-West opening for George Clinton's P-Funk All-stars ( Kim is also in the P-Funk All-stars!). We looking for any LIVE MUSIC Venues in the BRC that can squeeze into this years Line-up. They have a full band (bass, drums, guitar, Keys) or the are also accustomed to playing as a duo...

Lantz has been attending Burning Man for 10 yrs... And has been appart of the Fixxxation Station theme camp for 4 yrs (they are responsible for the Dragonfly Artcar that has been at BM for 4 yrs)... He also has set up his own stage and put together a live music music showcase with bands from all over the world (2 yrs ago) within their theme camp.... Kim has not yet attended Burning Man, due to her constant touring of the World with George Clinton, but she has the spirit this Event running thru her veins.... Help us, by giving them a chance to participate in doing what they do best.... These 2 our some of the top up and comers in the festival circuit right now, but don't take my word for it..... Please check them out for yourself.... heres a link to a video of there performance in Tulsa, OK with George Clinton and The P-Funk All-Stars.... click and watch-

and here is the links to there myspace and website and EPK's!

Please let me know what you think, we are willing to work with you any we can in order to create a working relationship with your organization. We look forward to being appart of the family of great artist to grace your stage!

brief sound requirements- we only need 2 or 3 mics, direct box for keyboard, and amplifier for guitar and Bass( if necessary we can bring our own amps).... Also we can bring a drummer too.... not sure what u prefer... if the stage is big enough, we have a drum kit as well... But they are very used to performing as a duo.... we will work with your preference...

Also let me know if you have any suggestions of other stages or other Camps we can email about playing... Im trying to set up as many shows as i can for them while they are in Black Rock City.... much appreciated!

Love and Light,

Paul Evans

Upmost High Booking
Love and Light,
Lantz lazwell

to listen to my music or view my Bio click on the links below (video with George Clinton)

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Post by theCryptofishist » Tue May 19, 2009 10:07 pm

Wow, reading this entire forum was a waste of time tonight.
The Lady with a Lamprey

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Man, no wonder they always win....." Lonesomebri

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DJ looking for a stage.

Post by plattino2 » Tue May 26, 2009 8:20 am

I know, same ole story. Yet another DJ looking to spin at Burning Man. But a different SWING and BEAT !

I am not hating, but Burning Man is overloaded with Trance DJ's. Lets' put some House / Elektro love in the mix please. A little more 120-130 BPM...

Give me a stage, and we shall make them dance. Please email me at plattino(at)mac(dot)com to discuss this years event and if you have somewhere I can play. I love 60's / 80's / Elektro / House. Please listen to my mix.


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Galaxo Magic
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Re: Gravybrain

Post by Galaxo Magic » Mon Jun 01, 2009 11:53 pm

[quote="ecweber"]Yo Gravybrain!

I'll send you guys a PM on MySpace, but I did talk to David briefly about the Precompression in SF this coming June... I'm open and would love to add some saxophone to the mix. If you guys are up for it, let me know.

And you guys would rock Transmorphagon!

Chinese - these guys kick ass![/quote]
EC, would love to have you play with us. You rock! And you know you would fit our funk/jazz/fusion!

Galaxo of GravyBrain

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Galaxo Magic
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Post by Galaxo Magic » Mon Jun 01, 2009 11:56 pm

Wow, how unusual, a live band.....

GravyBrain has the resume, check us out at MySpace:

We played three gigs on playa last year, plus the SF Decom and Vernal Equinox. Why not add gravy to your brain this year! EVOLVE!

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Aural artist seeking stages for 2009

Post by MatheoDJ » Sat Jun 20, 2009 5:17 am

Hi! New Burner, this will be my first time out on the Playa.

I'm touring with a group of circus performers, and we'll be going as a group to Burning Man this year. I'll have my entire performance set-up with me, and I thought it would be fun to book a couple theme camps or stages, as a way to get involved, participate, and get to know people.

I do a lot of live looping of vocals and guitar, live rythym, synth, and turntablism, in addition to occasionally just "spinning tracks". Plays well with others!

PM for booking info

DJ Matheo


[i]DJ's are soooooo self-involved![/i]

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Simon of the Playa
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Post by Simon of the Playa » Sat Jun 20, 2009 6:05 am

Wow, reading this entire forum was a waste of time tonight.

not into a little vapid discourse on the subject of inane breakbeat turntabalism vs. mindless thumpy electro?

Frida Be You & Me

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Soulful/Atmoshperic to Hard Hitting Dirty DnB

Post by Kade » Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:18 pm

Experienced DnB/Jungle DJ coming out again this year and would love to throw down some recs if anyone needs another DJ. Missed the passed two years but was spinning out there in 2005 and 2006 which was a blast! I have been playing since 2000 and have a huge selection from soulful and atmospheric drum and bass for those more relaxing chill moments, or can spin some heavy tech hard hitting dnb for those rocking out times. I love playing all styles and enjoy going from one end of the spectrum to the other but can fit the style your looking for at the time slot you may have available.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to PM me or email me at [email protected]

Thanks so much!


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Nautilus X & BM 09

Post by CaptainNemoOfTheNautilusX » Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:50 pm

Ahoy Burners!
The Nautilus X will be returning to the playa this year with our 6th voyage out to the burn. The Nauty is a refurbished fully functional 60' MAN coach that operated along the 38 Geary line for 18 years in San Francisco. She was the last one of the MAN series retired from MUNI's articulated fleet in 2002. She is reborn as a deep desert exploration submarine entertaining while safely touring the playa art.

We are seeking Bands, DJ's, and Musicians that are confirmed to go to Burning Man this year and would be interested in performing onboard. We will venture out with nightly tours of the art with a constant flow of new BRC guests.

All performances are from the "Warped Core" which is the according central round section in the middle of the vehicle. The is an interesting area, as both ends move it remains an inertial calm zone. We can accommodate DJ's and bands with up to 4-5 members.

We have a sound system with internal speakers and a vinyl table set up with the option for plug input for other systems.

If interested please contact the Nauty Cruise Director at [email protected]

Thank you and see you all out on the playa!!
Next stop Black Rock City!
Mobilis In Mobili
Captain Nemo

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Harinama & Sklobot seeking venues at bm09

Post by Harinama » Fri Jun 26, 2009 12:39 pm

Sklobot-sax, didgereedoo

Well, last year was a bust for venue scheduling, I just couldn't seem to hook up with anyone that we had scheduled with. With the conditions playing in open playa was quite a task.

So, trying again this year and hoping to have some fantastic jams at some established venues on the playa. We will be bringing small battery-powered amps for intimate environments. We'd love to be hooked up to a pa for more output.

If anyone would like us to play in your venue, let me know. The more clarity i get BEFORE bm this year, the better chance i'll actually play. :)
Harinama Das
"inner peace is but a universe away"

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Simon of the Playa
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Post by Simon of the Playa » Fri Jun 26, 2009 2:49 pm

Harinama & SkloBot?

Harinama & SkloBot?

Harinama & SkloBot?

you're killing me.....i'm dying here....i need some water....

stop...i cant stand it, it's worse than being tickled...worse than really clean acid at circus circus reno, i think i just coughed up a lung.

You're FUNNY!

oh, wait......he's serious isn't he.....i thought for sure he was a sock, and a brilliantly crafted one at that.
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Post by 303jewels » Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:23 am

Snort your dots.

Dot your snorts.

Clean acid can never be worse than anything.

Plattino2 is currently the vibemaster in the house.
Timeless motion..........

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Simon of the Playa
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Post by Simon of the Playa » Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:37 am

Snort your dots.

Dot your snorts.

Clean acid can never be worse than anything.

Plattino2 is currently the vibemaster in the house.
first of all, speak english, secondly, unless you've BEEN to Circus-Circus Reno with a head full of acid, i dont want to hear any critique of whether or not something is terrifying and loathsome unless one has made that journey oneself.

how do you think i ended up at the bottom of ball pit in the kiddie gambling section. wasn't REAL money.

i'd rather not talk about it.

if i get a fucking flashback i am sending YOUR british ass the bill for the hospital stay.
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