Mutant Vehicle Invite In March

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zorro sings
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Mutant Vehicle Invite In March

Postby zorro sings » 7 years ago

Our MV received the official invite from the DMV today.Last two years we were notified in June.
Just a shout out and thanks to The Hotties.
Always nice to know things sooner than later when planning for The Project.
Well it's not something I want to do on an overseas phone.............................Omar Suarez

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Postby lowecifer » 7 years ago

i got an invite in less than a week, thanks hotties!!!!!!!!

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Postby nexxtro9 » 7 years ago

add me to the list of DMV fans...
they have taken great care of me the last 4 years.

this year "YIKES!" the trike....
i'm psyched

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Postby stormfeather » 7 years ago

Shai-Hulud thanks the hotties too!
For their Ultra-Quick response
Camp Sietch Grabrear & Shai-Hulud MV
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The Spice Must Flow!

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DMV Hotties are in high gear!

Postby gigapede » 7 years ago

The Sensatron 5000 is making our way through spacetime to the playa! Thanks, hotties! Now if only we can find a place to =build= it...

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DMV and having a ramp with room for wheelchairs.

Postby POWERCHAIR » 7 years ago


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