Interested in Co-Creating Art to Co-Create Art?

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Interested in Co-Creating Art to Co-Create Art?

Postby Fauxtows » Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:09 am


I'm a SF Bay Area-based artist manifesting an art installation for the playa. Perhaps you experienced the piece i helped spearhead last year ("Self-Evidence, with the tipi with the circle of 12 female casts asking what you pledge your allegiance to?)

The piece I'm going to create this year is called "memortrees" which is based on the principle that we participate in the evolution of our lives through the thoughts/feelings we are offering.

I'm posting this year to connect with people who want to help bring a certain kind of art into the world. The kind of art the inspires people to self-reflect. I've created a website that describes the piece as well as my creative idea to fund it through my fine-art photography. The basic premise is to sell amazing art at an amazing price in order to manifest an amazing piece of art that will help change people's lives. : )

Please take a look at the website (below) and become a part of this. And then pass the website on. I'm excited to begin creating a community around manifesting this kind of art and would to include you in this if you feel aligned with it. The creative process is going to be a fun one!

The site can be found at:

In closing, a brief philosophy below behind "memortrees", with my thanks for taking the time to consider it.

With all my best,
- Robert Bengtson

(415) 717-1569


The philosophy behind this piece is the belief that we are energy beings. That we co-create the lives we are living through the vibrations of the feelings we are offering. Feelings that are the result of our thoughts, words, and actions. These feelings are being offered in every present moment. The only moment. Given this relationship that what we create is tied to what we are offering, by consciously activating positive feelings within ourselves we participate intentionally in the manifestation… in the evolution… of our own lives.

Focusing our attention in positive ways by consciously thinking thoughts that give us joy may very well be the first domino of causality. We have the choice in every moment to decide what to place our attention upon, as well as how we choose to place it. This is the most powerful act that we can offer to our individual life that is ever-evolving. Every moment… every feeling… is a calling.

The events of our lives manifest in response to the emotional vibrations we are offering. We also have the ability to place our attention on anything we choose, and so choosing to activate powerful, positive vibrations contributes directly to the evolutions of our lives. Memortrees intends to inspire the visitor into positive emotions by inviting them via creativity, to activate past and/or future memories that give great joy. And in that great joy... great power.

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Postby ehcsztein » Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:31 pm

Definitly intrigued :)

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Postby Fauxtows » Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:56 pm

Thanks for responding.
Would love to hear what intrigues you about the piece.
Would also love to get all the support for it i can get. : )

It's my vision that creating the piece is going to be fun.
It's my vision that the created piece is going to impact people's lives.

I created a book based on the contributions people made at last year's piece.
It is really wonderful.
I see a book created out of people's "memortrees"
To inspire others to cultivate their own vision(s).

Hoping this finds you well...

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