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North Bay Projects

Postby phyxx » Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:03 pm

Hey Burners N. of the Gate, (or wherever)

Anybody need stuff?

During the last ten years of wild imaginings for playa projects I have gathered a motley assortment of interesting stuff, which I am happy to make available to artists or would-be artists; if you have a Playa project and need a something or other, give me a call at 707-479-1570, I might have one or a boxful.
I'm not trying to sell stuff, more just to let it get put to good use. Not to say I would refuse any monetary support that is offered!

Also I would welcome any help on The GleanEnergy Project which I will be showing at the Maker Faire, and probably at Burning Man.

I have devised and prototyped a mechanism to glean a small amount of energy from pedestrian activity, using a simple system of one-way valves, and to use it to pump water to a height of ten feet or so. With that and a water wheel, I can turn a shaft to an alternator, and generate some amount of electricity.

Based on prototype results, I figure that sixty people dancing will produce a gallon of water per second at a height of ten feet. Which is decent potential.

Give me a call if you're interested 479-1570. Phyxx

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