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Deb Prothero
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Postby Deb Prothero » 7 years ago

Here's the important link for volunteering to be a newspaper carrier - the best job on the playa.

http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0ARqZN ... bWNy&hl=en

Just go to the link and enter your name in the day that you'd like to volunteer or pick a couple of days. All the information you need is on that page.

Well, one piece of information is still unavailable. Just like all the other theme camps, we haven't officially got our location yet, but we've been in the 9:00 plaza for the last 4 years so it's likely that's where we'll be this time too.

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Postby goathead » 7 years ago




you where slipping here

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Note to San Francisans and those nearby

Postby Mitch » 7 years ago

Another category of staff that we really need to fill is people who live near enough to Burning Man Galactic HQ to cover the Org for us (in fact, we've been looking for several years for a news editor to be in charge of that). For whatever reason, most of the Beacon staff is not SF based, and a lot of the gossip and personal contacts that you need are unavailable to us.

We have work that can (and should) be done or at least started now for anybody in the area.

Oh, and really, once you hit 350 degrees, it's cooked.

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