Pumpkin Fan? Help + materials needed for "Cucurbita &qu

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Pumpkin Fan? Help + materials needed for "Cucurbita &qu

Postby AmazonHilly » Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:01 am

Hey Peter, Paula, Pumpkin Ballaz!

If you love pumpkins as much as the next pumpkin eater/fan/devotee, consider loaning some time and or materials to installing "Cucurbita".

I am so stoked and honored to be putting together this 12' by 8' pumpkin on the playa this year..

I have the basic plans drawn up but am ALWAYS open to help and suggestions... So far we need help with:

Installation on the playa
Installation (practice run in Berkeley late July)
Materials: Bamboo, PVC 1.5" and connectors, ORANGE fabric and green materials for stem, as well as light materials and TIPS.

I am hoping to REUSE as much as possible. PVC can even become hoops afterwards. Anyone know where thin bendable bamboo grows in the Bay Area and want to harvest with me? I am also thinking of including music and sharing pumpkin seeds somehow... they are sooooo good for you!

Let's co-create some pumpkin magic!!!

Muchlove and THANKS!

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Postby SilverOrange » Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:27 am

Dragon Hedge, Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park. Help yourself to all the bamboo you want. If anyone hassles you just tell them I said it was OK.

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Postby Token » Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:37 am


Just this last weekend I was putting down some pints of Jagermeister at Zeitgeist after a long cocaine bender playing poker upstairs with Whitey and the crew and we totally drew up a bunch of plans for building six horse-sized mice for the Playa this year.

We were gonna have them run on gasifiers, eat pumpkin seed shells, breathe fire, and shit compost.

We just have to hitch them up to your pumpkin!

I have everything drawn out on the back of the coaster but I'm so fresh on the simpatico here.

All I need is a crew of fabricators to build the six gasifier engines, weld the frames for the mice and someone to haul them up to the Playa.

I found some gray flannel sheets in the dumpster behind Zeitgeist which will do great for the mice covers, stains and all.

We should totally hook up and find someone to do all this shit for us.

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Ok, we'll be building Cucurbita on Monday around 5pm-ish...

Postby AmazonHilly » Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:39 pm

Hey Everybody-

Thanks for the interest and support (from most ppl at least)

If you do wanna be out there for the pumpkin pie and set up party, email me 'cause we won't know placement til we get to the playa Monday and get our placement from the ARTery.
The test run will be in Berkeley in August (with food and pumpkin beer) so if ya wanna roll out to that, lemme know too...

If you can't help it's all good, just have fun once you find it on the playa... swing on the stripper pole inside and grub down on the pumpkin seeds when you have the munchies.... hope it all vegetates as planned!


What did the Zen master say to the hot dog man?

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Postby Ugly Dougly » Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:02 am

You can buy cut bamboo at Hakone Gardens in Saratoga.

Oh, yeah, how can I forget:

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