Square 'em up!

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Square 'em up!

Postby rhonda » 7 years ago

Pull on your petti pants and get your bootay over to the In Dust We Trust camp. We're still a hemmin an a hawin over when to gather up some do si doin Burners for some old school fun. Who's game? Are you a punk or a agripunk? Yella rocks rock[color=indigo][/color][size=18][/size]
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Postby Funkpocket » 7 years ago

Square Dancing on the playa? Yeah, I'm down! Mainstream or Plus?

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Postby Oldguy » 7 years ago

Doh si doh is the way to goh. Do you have a caller?

I loved squares in the 4th/5th grade with Mr. Jack Murtha calling for folks in Sutter County. Alaman left and away we goh. I would like to relearn the steps.
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Postby oneeyeddick » 7 years ago

My high school fiance's dad was Montana's #1 caller.

We used to get high and laugh our asses off watching him practice without dancers in the basement over the PA with the amp turned all the way up.

Square dancing is a HOOT !!!
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Postby Finnegan » 7 years ago

My high school fiance's dad

Is that even legal?
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Postby ygmir » 7 years ago

Finnegan wrote:
My high school fiance's dad

Is that even legal?

it was Montana......Agricuture/animal husbandry......come on Finnegan.........

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