Deconstruction & Paradigm Wreckers Service wants YOU !

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Deconstruction & Paradigm Wreckers Service wants YOU !

Postby drakethedeconstructor » Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:54 am

Drake's Deconstruction & Paradigm Wreckers Service wants YOU!

Hi, I'm Drake. After being addicted to fossil fuels for some years now, I have decided to get off this sauce.

And I invite You to the process. I submit to you My Last Car - as an offering, a site where we will deconstruct our suicidal transport, collectively, beautifully, finally.

Come take part in the complete dismantling of this car. A symbolic process of human evolution away from fossil fuel addiction and over-consumption. A provocation toward the end of the paradigms that are killing us. A metaphorical ode to the End of the Automobile Era as We Once Knew It.

Until it be a car no more.

Phase I of II. Monday morning through Tuesday evening.
See calendar for the Transition Ritual and Phase II.

Location: Drake's Deconstruction & Paradigm Wreckers Service. 3:30 & Chaos.

And when we say complete dismantling, we mean BY HAND, by each one of us, guided only by the inspiration of spontaneous participation. We are a lo-fi - monkey-wrenching - night-working – under-consuming camp.

And...SEEKING: We have recently expanded our vision, and thus are seeking a new structural element for our camp—so we are calling on the community, hoping some kind-hearted burner might lend/sell us a sturdy large TENT or DOME, to shade what is now a five-day process... and one which we hope will add a lively, evolutionarily relevant process to the Playa community this year. We're looking for something between 20 and 30 feet; we have side-covering materials so don't need a full cover necessarily. We realize its getting close to all of our arrival times, so much respect to you who are willing to consider loans or sales, to help us grow into our vision.

And...Call for WELDERS, MELDERS, SCULPTING PEOPLE, etc etc: Phase II:
Come transform the debris of an Era into Something Else Entirely, a new human movement, a hulking car-made post-car memorial provocation toward the beginning of the new paradigms that will sustain us.

Please WRITE us! If you'd like to just make contact, rant, or see how to be further involved. We look forward to hearing from you, and to burning with you...

a p o s t r o p h e ' p r o d u c t i o n s
a s o c i a l j u s t i c e a f f i n i t y g r o u p
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