Suspended Animation

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Suspended Animation

Post by Zang » Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:16 am

Suspended Animation ( is looking for performers for erotic aerialist art -- full suspension rope bondage. Experience with suspension is not necessary, though qualified candidates will have experience with such things as aerialist or silk work, acro-balancing, yoga or tantric practice, or dance.

Our riggers are experts, rigorously trained, deeply experienced, and thoroughly enjoyable to work with. We rig from professional 12" aluminum box truss secured with aircraft hardware, and use load-rated equipment for all top rigs.

Important notes: we do NOT do hook suspension work, only rope suspension. We also strictly control alcohol and drug use; you must be utterly sober to perform.

We put on two performances on our stage during the week, Wednesday and Friday nights, and occasionally perform gigs at other camps with suitable ambiance (e.g. Opulent Temple, Root Society, etc.). We also perform "guerilla bondage," ad hoc performances on the playa from particularly compelling and qualified artwork, usually sculpture.

If you are interested in performing send mail to

(Aside to answer a background question: why are we primarily recruiting performance models and not riggers? Our crew has both expert riggers and experienced performance models. As it turns out, an experienced rigger can do several suspensions in a single day, whereas most people need to rest a day after being suspended. Thus to pull off the intense schedule of Burning Man, the ratio of riggers to performance models tilts heavily toward the latter.)


Two related notes:

1. Theme camps or art installations who are interested in having us perform can drop a line to the same e-mail address. We will have questions about the engineering of any proposed suspension points, as well as the layout and ambience of your space.

2. Experienced riggers are encouraged to join us, though you should naturally expect to be rigorously interviewed for experience and expertise. Contact the above address with inquiries.

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Post by Generic Anonymity » Thu Aug 06, 2009 3:00 pm

I am going to make it a particular point of my burning man experience to check this camp out. Sounds awesome.

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Post by Snowah Zark » Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:41 pm

Sorta a VanWinkle thing you got going on there, huh....
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