Non-standard DJ looking for SUNRISE venues

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Non-standard DJ looking for SUNRISE venues

Postby benway » Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:05 am

Hey folks,

I really like to play sunrise sets. My style is eclectic and can include *anything*....I play the "music for the moment" instead of a particular genre. When it comes to the sunrise thing, I play music for the people in their tents just as much as the folks who are still out. People tend to love it.

I'm looking for stages/sound systems who are looking for someone to kick it for a few hours around sunrise or sunset. Check out my track list from my marathon 5 hour morning set at the PWN Regional event Critical Massive at the bottom of this page:

I do everything off computer and have a half terabyte of stuff to choose from, and I generally do a good job of hitting the nail on the head. Or that's what I hear. I'm totally plug and play, ie, I don't need anything other than a stereo input.

I also do insane live mashups (like, Phish vs Boards of Canada, tuvan throat singing vs Men Without Hats etc) and dance music (mostly house, minimal house, tech house), so if you're looking for that let me know, too.

Other stuff about me: I'm a regional contact for the Seattle area, a green-dot ranger, former pro sound engineer and photographer. This will be my 10th burn. I'm from Seattle and camping with Area 47. And I love chihuahuas!

Drop me a mail at if you'd like to chat!

See you on the playa,


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