MV Needed for Playa Wedding Fri 5pm....

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MV Needed for Playa Wedding Fri 5pm....

Postby The Chinese » Sat Aug 22, 2009 7:51 pm

My Girl and I are gettin' hitched, and I'd like for her to be brought in by a Mutant Vehicle... Doesn't have to be huge, but a small sound system would be awesome. We would gift Food, Drink, and Lots of Fun to whomever can help us out....

The Biggest Distraction... Funk On the Playa, Live uncut Funk, TheBomb, Comin at you from the Transmorphogon, 500 Kilowatts of Pure Funk Power. You Will be groovin'. So when yer sick of the Boomp Boomp of the Burn, come down to the T-Dome and Learn....

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Postby fuzymnky » Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:58 am

I may be able to assist with that ride. locate me "Kimmy D." via information I will have this years mutant vehicle "Seeing Eye Frog" (3 eyed frog) I will also have "Smilodon Fatailis Aerialis" (winged killer smile)sculpture out on the playa. we should have a mailbox at our site tenatively around 415 to 445 "J". message me and I'll email a picture of the vehicle. Sorry I can't figure out how to post it in this message.

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