Space Elevator set times?

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Space Elevator set times?

Post by larissa77 » Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:38 pm

Anyone have the list of set times for Space Elevator handy? Looking for some info on Tetrameth in particular....


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Post by psilogod » Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:01 pm

from ... opic=11457

Space Elevator Camp 2009 Lineup
Located @ 10:00 and Kinship
Black Rock City, NV


6pm-8pm H.U.D.B.O.T. (UK) [Downtempo] DJ

8pm-10pm Keys (San Francisco) [Techno/Progressive] DJ

10pm-12am Sentient (Los Angeles) [Psytrance] DJ

12am-2am Gatto Matto (San Francisco) [Psytrance] DJ

2am-4am Electrik (New York) DJ

4am-6am Dima (New York) DJ

6am-8am Vandal (Los Angeles) DJ

8am-10am Douglas (San Francisco) DJ

10am-12pm Seth Nichols (Indianapolis) DJ


4pm-6pm Chlorophil (San Francisco) [Downtempo] DJ

6pm-8pm Barato (San Francisco) [Techno] DJ

8pm-10pm Konflux (Los Angeles) [Techno/Progressive] DJ

10pm-12am Obu (San Francisco) [Psytrance] DJ

12am-2am Helios (San Francisco) [Psytrance] DJ

2am-4am Psyclops (Los Angeles) [Psytrance] DJ

4am-6am Meta (Santa Barbara) [Psytrance] LIVE

6am-8am Schmid-E (Colorado) [Psytrance] DJ

8am-10am KJ (San Francisco) [Psytrance] DJ

10am-12pm DJayDee (San Francisco) [Electro/Tech House] DJ


3pm-5pm Alex Shanti (San Francisco) [Downtempo] DJ

5pm-7pm Aqua Fur (San Francisco) [Progressive] LIVE

7pm-9pm Flip Flop (UK) [Techno/Progressive] LIVE

9pm-11pm Lara (Seattle) [Psytrance] DJ

11pm-1am Deeper in Zen (Los Angeles) [Psytrance] LIVE

1am-3am Xander (Los Angeles) [Psytrance] DJ

3am-5am Konflux Los Angeles) [Psytrance] LIVE

5am-7am Atum (San Francisco) [Psytrance] DJ

7am-9am Avalon (UK) [Psytrance] LIVE

9am-11am Murli (San Francisco) [Psytrance] DJ

11am-1pm Pachakroma (Los Angeles) [Techno/Progressive] DJ

1pm-3pm Shadow FX (Australia) [Progressive] LIVE

3pm-5pm Tetrameth (Australia) [Progressive] LIVE

5pm-7pm Cyril Noir (San Francisco) [Electro] LIVE


11pm-1am James Katalyst (Calgary) [Psytrance] DJ

1am-3am Treavor Moontribe (Los Angeles) [Psytrance] DJ

3am-5am Chromatone (San Francisco) [Psytrance] LIVE

5am-7am Gatto Matto (San Francisco) [Psytrance] DJ

7am-9am Sentient (Los Angeles) [Psytrance] DJ

9am-11am Flip Flop (UK) [Psytrance] LIVE

11am-1pm Kode IV (San Francisco) [Psytrance] DJ

1pm-3pm Douglas (San Francisco) [Psytrance] DJ

3pm-5pm KJ (San Francisco) [Psytrance] DJ

5pm-7pm DJayDee (San Francisco) [Electro/Tech House] DJ


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