Colored wristband game

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Colored wristband game

Postby aspectacle » 7 years ago

Hi. I was the person running the game with the colored wristbands that I handed out mostly in Center Camp and at Playa Info. I've heard back from a few people who had interesting interactions because of it, but if you found somebody with the wristband you were looking for--or if somebody found you--I'd love to hear what happened.

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Dr. Pyro
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Postby Dr. Pyro » 7 years ago

Just so you know, they prefer to be called Wristbands of Color. Sheesh, it's the 21st Century already.

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Postby YogaJesus » 7 years ago

I played the game starting on day 2. I never found a green wristband (although I found two on the right wrists of winners) but still enjoyed playing. Assuming the goal of the game is to pay a lot more attention to details, it was a brilliant exercise.

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Postby EB » 7 years ago

Sounds cool. How do you play?
Irony. You're soaking in it.

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