TRANSMORPHAGON Thanks everyone for a great Burn!

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TRANSMORPHAGON Thanks everyone for a great Burn!

Postby The Chinese » Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:50 pm

Just wanted to toss out a few thanks...

Gravybrain, for putting in a great set Fri Eve!

Lantz & Kim - For Kicking it out in a duststorm Thurs, true Burner Style

To DJ Gano & Crew for a Fantastic Time Wed

To Pescadorr - For Just showing up and Playing, even when I was wrecked and busted up. You're a trooper.

Lastly to everyone who just came and chilled wtih us, Danced with us, and enjoyed the space, thanks. You are the reason we do it.


The Biggest Distraction... Funk On the Playa, Live uncut Funk, TheBomb, Comin at you from the Transmorphogon, 500 Kilowatts of Pure Funk Power. You Will be groovin'. So when yer sick of the Boomp Boomp of the Burn, come down to the T-Dome and Learn....

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Postby Gravybrain » Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:31 pm

From all of the crew of Gravybrain, thanks again for hosting us Friday night, we had a blast and enjoyed bringing live music to the playa again for the second year. We will be performing at the SF Decomp Oct 11th and hope to see some of our playa friends again! Transmophagon rocked!

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