Camp Wannaburns search for loud neighbors/djs/music lovers

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Camp Wannaburns search for loud neighbors/djs/music lovers

Postby Daprofessor » Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:28 pm

WOWW! Holy bacon bits, we're almost there..142 days til my feet reach their dusty destination.

This is Camp Wannaburns third year on the playa and hold on to your shade hat, we're going official. We've got our registration all lined up and ready to send in. We've put our leave no trace plan through more rigorous stages of questioning than a Gitmo resident. Our layout plan it done and tidied up, and the placement questionnaire is on it's final stage of completion.

The only thing left is where we'll suggest we be placed. Due to the sound policy and our frequent disregard for inner ear integrity, we know that the best place for us will probably be near 2 or 10, the edges. As for how deep we'll be, eh I don't know. We've gotten closer to the esplanade every year, and this year as a collective, we've come up with D or E as a fine choice. We're not trying to compete with the sound beasts on the inner circle, but still blare our little hearts out.

What we're looking for now is the right crowd to join us and be neighborly like. Any other camps out there starting out or already experienced and are down to get down with some serious tunes please contact! If you'd like to scoot up right next to us that is. Let's get together, let's team up, let's be music swappers, experimenters, players, and bumpers.

Also, we've been connecting with musicians and DJs throughout the Bay Area and California in general that we'll reach out to and meet up with on the playa. We'd like to get to know more though, so if you love to mix, play, or love to hear new music/show us new music..send me a message!

We are a collective of individuals who all share a passion and belief in the principles and fundamentals of Burning Man. Way more than just self expression, spontaneous creation, radical acceptance, freaky dancing, loud music, inebriated socializing, and perpetual participation. This year, we'll range from veterans to virgins, all ages present and welcome! Sassy talk, late nights, constant connecting, let's do it.

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