Burning Man Freeze?

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Burning Man Freeze?

Postby FrostyMan » 6 years ago

Looks like fun! We should try it.

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Postby ragabashpup » 6 years ago

That is awsome but some of those poses would be incredibly hard to hold for any period of time. IF you could organize something like this at the burn AMAZING!
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Postby whaleboy » 6 years ago

how do you give out the signal for everyone to freeze? Presuming you've already got them all to agree to do it.
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Laughing Forest
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Postby Laughing Forest » 6 years ago

Why do it?

If it has been done before why drag the same shit to the playa and make as if what you're doing is new and unique?

Such mimicry only dumbs it down for the increasing number of spectators.

Why makes it more attractive to the the unoriginal.

I mean, Jesus Christ, please come to the playa when you get a real and original idea. First it was that incredibly original zombie thing. Then it was "Hey let's dress up in Star Wars outfits!" followed with "Let's dress as pirates!" for the tenth year in a row.

BTW, this is what I think of your idea.


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Postby Plumeria » 6 years ago

Why be such a downer Laughing Forest? Just because you don't like the idea or aren't too keen on it, doesnt mean you need to go and be so mean on three threads. Everyone has their own ideas of what art and participation is and should be.
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Postby ibdave » 6 years ago

Laughing Forest must not have gotten her free (beg) ticket yet and is not in a good mOOd ... It's the fucking Playa, do what the fuck you want to.....

8) 8) 8)

oh yea, namaste.... :shock: :roll: :roll:
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Ugly Dougly
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Postby Ugly Dougly » 6 years ago

I never saw that video with the dogs before. But I don't crawl around rotten.com looking for something to whack off to.

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Postby theCryptofishist » 6 years ago

I think those dogs have been cured by Marxist-Situational therapy.
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illy dilly
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Postby illy dilly » 6 years ago

I think its a great idea. I've never experienced anything like that in person. It would sweet, and if you were walking by and didn't know it was planned to happen it would be even better.
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Postby Fire_Moose » 6 years ago

the best thing to do during these freezes is to fark with the freeze-ees.

Hang decorations on them, give them some shades, put a beer in their hand, etc.
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Postby oneeyeddick » 6 years ago

The best thing to do as a freezer is to rip a big loud stinky fart when someone is farking with you.
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re: laughing forrest

Postby SFbrothermichael » 6 years ago

Then she ends it with NAMASTE.

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Postby Elorrum » 6 years ago

cool things bear repeating.

Ever try this? It's fun. (repeat)

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Postby mdmf007 » 6 years ago

I think that would be fun.

I know someone is trying to arrange a daily flash mob on playa, a flash freeze would be cool to do as well, and is easier to learn!

Freezes make for great time lapse videos. I for one like to find time lapse videos going and stand in them for an hour or so. Takes patience, and is funny as heck on the vids.

Not sure what Laughing forest's problem is other than she may be out of methamphetamine by the look of the avatar.

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