Experienced DJ needs a camp - or a clue. (Will bring sound)

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Experienced DJ needs a camp - or a clue. (Will bring sound)

Post by AtLarge » Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:15 am

Hi folks,

If there is a better place to pose this question, or if it's already been answered, please point me in the right direction.

I've been to BM three years in a row from 97-99 and had a blast experiencing the vibe and dj-ing for random camps (Love Unlimited, Plug 4) that would let me on the decks.

I'd like to return to the Playa and take the spinning side of it a bit more seriously this year. I'd like to play for about 4 hours per night, and I'd like to have a dozen or so dancers. I have made my living as a professional club dj in the past, and still do it on the side, so at least musically I am sure I can make this happen. Playa politics , fashion, and rules are something I am out of touch with, however.

I am considering every possibility from joining an established camp, to creating my own theme camp.

There is a super awesome camp in my city ("Midnight Poutine" from Montreal), but they are not sure they want to add DJs and amplified sound to their set up, which is understandeable.

Questions I have:

1) I will hope to bring a small but complete sound system (turntables, speakers, generator, cover). What are my options in terms of placement and venues?

2) The poutineers tell me that a dancefloor requires a bar, and a bar requires gifting alchohol. I don't remember gifting alchohol at any of the places I dj'ed in the past. Is that true? Is good music not enough these days?

3) If I were to try to offer my services to an established camp, what's the best place to do it?

Thanks, Jason

Ps - I have been spinning funk, hip-hop, and reggae for twenty years. I know there are lots of Djs on the playa, but hopefully there is room for one more.


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