Artist looking for Backers

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Artist looking for Backers

Postby tomrcox » 6 years ago

Hi all,
My name is Tom Cox. I am a veteran burner and an active member of the Lamp Lighters. I have started a art project for the 2010 Esthetic Evolution and my hopes are to bring it to the 2010 Burning man as well. I have started a page on the kickstarter site to help raise funds for the project. Any help is very much appreciated. Please spread the word to fellow burners and communities. I am offering several really cool gifts, so please check it out. ... and-esthet

Tom Cox
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Postby changoloco » 6 years ago

Awesome first post. You don't introduce yourself before you ask the community for money? Shame on you.
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Postby Captain Goddammit » 6 years ago

I checked your link, it looks like you want to make a pretty cool piece. However, I completely understand changoloco's resentment that you only joined this message board to mine us other struggling artists for money. I'm not 100% thrilled about that either.
Send me some goddamm money to help with my art!
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