Seeking Collaboration with Maze/Labyrinth-Themed Art Project

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Seeking Collaboration with Maze/Labyrinth-Themed Art Project

Postby SuperBeater » 6 years ago

The Hearbeat Amplifier team is seeking a collaboration with an existing art project that involves a maze or labyrinth, or a previously-constructed maze/labyrinth that we could buy/adopt/borrow and install ourselves.

Don't want to spoil any surprises by discussing in too much detail, but I'm sure anyone here could let their imagination run away and get the general gist...

If anyone has such a project or knows of one, please reply and let us know!

-- Aaron, HBA Team

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That sounds amazing!

Postby melotronix » 6 years ago

Wow I will definitely keep my ears out for any labrinthe builders/structures! Were you guys at LIB this year? Thought I saw a HeartBeat amplifier tent there.
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We have a maze!

Postby gitnauk » 6 years ago

Hi, I just came across your post. We have a maze theme camp that has been place at Ring Road & 8:00 right by center camp and we'd be really interested in a collaboration!

What exactly did you have in mind?

You can see our website at


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