Attention artists IMA Crossroads needs your sculptures!

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Attention artists IMA Crossroads needs your sculptures!

Postby pyrrhuloxia » Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:12 am

Greetings Burners!

Iron Monkey Arts are inviting you to place those smaller, often lost works of art in a central sculpture courtyard at The Crossroads. Our 45' perimeter courtyard will be centered around a fountain of fire and water surrounded by benches, zen fire pedestals, and 6 fiery columns.Your sculptures will add an integral component to The Crossroads by creating a public gallery. We hope to give you a great place to show your piece without the worry of it getting lost or run over on the open playa.

Please contact us by July 15th at for more information. Here is our application to get the ball rolling. Thanks all.
IMA Crossroads Artist Application

The Iron Monkeys are excited to have your sculpture as part of the gallery installation of The Crossroads. Thank you for offering to share your piece with ours. We hope that creating a collective space for smaller scale sculptures will bring greater participation and artistic experience to both the artists and the citizens of Black Rock City. Please fill out the form below and return to

Artists name:

Country, State/Province:

Name of Firm or Organization, if any:

Email address:


Title of Art Piece:

Do you plan on attending Burning Man? If yes; when do you plan on arriving? When do you plan on leaving?:

Have you had artwork on display at Burning Man before? What and when?:

Describe artwork that you would like to display at the Crossroads. Please include as much detail as possible. Include information such as; size, height, medium, fire components, electrical components etc. Photos or links to photos are helpful in the decision making process. Although IMA are are not looking for pieces that include fire or electrical components we may make allowances for art work including a small amount of either. Example: lights running on a small solar panel. However we will not accept pieces that have elements that require large fire components or components that require a generator. :

Describe how you will install the piece to ensure it meet the specifications for playa art as listed on the Burning Man website. You do not need to independently register your art piece, though if you would like to have it listed on the BM website, feel free to do so.:

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