Frightfully English dubble-act questing gigs

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Frightfully English dubble-act questing gigs

Postby missshowers » Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:28 pm

ATTN: art cars, cafes, bars, stages, bicycles, sheds, tents

Perhaps Contraption is now graciously and grandly accepting invitations to play their songs for your next public/private function. We are Susie Showers and Squire Squier, brandishing the following: guitar, flute, ukulele, megaphone, kazoo, glockenspiel.

The following UNplugged Entertainment is to be expected: knees-up, klesmer, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, sharp-footed anti-folk


Please be aware that we command an untamed cavalry of lunging stallions, charging at the strongholds of normalcy. with voices raised in roaring opposition to the tepid dirge of mainstream music.

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