Looking for live band on art car Tues. night sunset gig

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Looking for live band on art car Tues. night sunset gig

Post by NYCBurner » Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:23 pm

This year at the burn, some guys who were camped next door to me (3:15 and G) let me play drums for their sunset gig on an art car when their drummer didn't show up and I heard the drum set being set up and wandered over. Funky band; saxophonist, bassist, 2 guitars. We stopped at Bliss Dance for awhile and played for some dancing folk.
It was one of the many highlights of my burn this year and I'd love to
a) Thank them.
b) towards the end I was adjusting a cymbal and almost knocked over what I think was a video camera set up at the drums which belonged to a guy on the car. I'd love to see the footage and relive it for a moment :)

Any info, respond here or PM me.

Thank you!!


PS. The art car was large, had a bar with stools around it in the middle I think - large silver metal circles around the sides of the car and a blue/green, pink and white parachute type shade overhead. Sorry that's the best description of it I've got.


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