second time Dutch burner looking for camp

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second time Dutch burner looking for camp

Postby glovelove » 6 years ago

Hi all, I have my second time round ticket and am wholly excited to go!

Now I'm wondering if I should join a bigger camp this year. I'm in for pretty much anything, with an incline towards the more sexually and experimentally oriented debauchery. I'm Dutch, tall and blond, does that help at all? :)

I can make myself useful through electrical / computer / network engineer skills, and technical work in general. Currently I'm out of a job here in Amsterdam and thinking to come over to the Bay Area a few months early to couchsurf and help out with preparations.

Anyone interested in taking me on? Let me know!

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ik hou van jou heel veel

Postby Paulie_BELL CAMP » 6 years ago

Ha. Hey...we're Bell Camp. We've applied for theme camp placement...and I'm a first generation American born of Dutch parents. Ja, ik can well Hollandse praten...maar, as en my peeps zein mest al van Texel vandaan gecomen. Boy my Dutch is horrible, eh. You can find us on FB at ... ef=profile

We're early in our recruiting. If we don't get granted placement, we'll be sticking a flag in the deep free blocks, but still setting up our BELL CAMP, in any case.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Can yooooo dig it!

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Postby Beave » 6 years ago

We have some space if your interested.
Large well resourced camp of International & more local burners old and new..

Have a look at our project MEGATROPOLIS and support camp MINITROPOLIS and gmail me if you are interested.
Space going very quickly :0)

gmail:!/pag ... 4622158809
x love & light x Beave x
x love & light x Beave x

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Dutch newbie

Postby Walt76 » 6 years ago

Hi! I'm a Dutch newbie and would be interested in meeting up down here in the Netherlands to talk about BM for a bit. Since your profile doesn't have an e-mail, here's mine:

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Postby gyre » 6 years ago

You can enable email on your eplaya profile and it will appear as an icon.


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