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Camp No Influence

Postby ChainLynx » Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:23 pm

I'm heading a small camp this year called No Influence. It is dedicated to a drug free enjoyment of the Playa and the wonderful experiences it offers.

We've got a couple of spaces left. Like to camp with experienced Burners, low drama, and no beer bottles or nitrous cartridges lying about? :) We'll have a couple of planning/work parties in the SF area between now and BM to get basic camp items organized.

We're hosting a number of classes/events, including:
-> Share your Playa adventures - Share the cool stuff you've seen and find companions to explore further
-> Martial arts jam - Freeform sharing of martial arts styles
-> Bondage and erotic power exchange - Intro to BDSM practices and techniques (the rest of the camp will not be kink oriented, though we are kink-friendly)

We're not straight edges, 12-steppers, etc. Just clean, no attitudes.

Inquiries and abuse can be directed to: noinfluence at subversively dot com. Thanks, see you on the Playa!

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