Camps on the 4:30 spoke

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Re: Camps on the 4:30 spoke

Postby enki23 » 6 years ago

clerkkent wrote:Since the 3:00 spoke and the 7:30 spoke already have threads, might as well go around the dial, and start one that's near and dear to my heart, 4:30.
LEtsGO Lounge will be around :arrow: :arrow: Edinburgh & 4:30 .

Howdy neighbors! :)

Looks like we're in the right neighborhood! The Institute at 4:30 and Esplanade checking in ( Be sure to visit!

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Don Kharlos
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4:30 and Esplanade reporting...

Postby Don Kharlos » 6 years ago

Back on the Esplanade! The mighty K-SVERT FM 106.5

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Re: 4:30 PLAZA

Postby stiles » 6 years ago

loside53 wrote:FALLOUT SHELTER is in the 4:30 Plaza @ 2:00

As always, you guys were great neighbors this year. See you next time!

Stiles from Camp Jersey

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