Solo First Timer Needs a Cool Camp

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Solo First Timer Needs a Cool Camp

Post by thenick » Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:01 pm

So this is my first Burningman, and I am coming alone. I will be arriving on wednsday and staying through sunday. I am very energetic, and have a go with the flow kind of attitude.

I have no problem with "Dues" or contributing, in fact i would love to contribute, and be a part of something fun.

Dont make a homie camp alone.... :(

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MAL-MART MEGA STORE - Open to New Camp Mates - sign up NOW!!

Post by FireBerri » Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:04 pm

Fire Berri here from Mal-Mart Mega Store (Esplanade @ 7:30), we do indeed still have space in our camp and we'd love to have you join!

So few things you need to so to join Mal-Mart Mega Store, first is that the camp is a huge undertaking to organize and pay for... so the dues we are asking for (125 per person) covers pretty much just the cost of the building. So the need for self reliance is still required by our camp members. We will have a communal kitchen area (bring your own food!) and an outdoor shower (bring your own water!).

Asides from the build itself (and several of us will be there a few days early working on it) Mal-Mart is a surprisingly low maintenance camp. None of our members are forced to do work, there are enough of us in the core group willing to cover most of what's needed. Of course we won't ever turn down volunteers ;) The biggest request for help will be for the tear down on sunday (the day after the Burn!)

As for us, we are a really great group of people, drama and stress free! We will be throwing a few dance parties during the week with our resident and guest dj's. so expect your time at burning man to be more fun that you imagined!!

Okay, all that being said... if you want to join us we are under a massive time crunch to get all the members in and their dues paid. we are heavily in the placement planning of our camp space, so we need to know what your "footprint" will be, and if you have any desire to take on a room in the structure itself to theme and decorate. So get in touch with F as soon as possible.

Rand Pate (Camp Member Administrator) -
F Boke (goes by "F" - Camp Designer/layout) -

Rand will set you up as a member on the mal-mart email group, if he hasn't already. If not, email him again asking to join the group. once you have emailed him, he will reply and send you an invitation to join the email group (important since it's gets you connected to all the camp members for updates etc)

F needs to know what your space needs are (vehicles, tents, rv, etc) in order to place you in the camp.

The $125 is due asap. You can either communicate with Rand first to get set up, or you can go straight to the Mal-mart site and use paypal. It's very easy ;)

Because of the time crunch, we are operating on a first come, first served basis. So F cannot place you in the camp until your dues are paid... so please get online today and take care of that if you can! Thank you!

Any other questions about camp operations etc, then I'm your man, so let me know!

See ya in the Dust!
FireBerri (mal-mart mega store)

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Post by Packoderm » Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:06 pm

Orphan Camp:

I don't know about the "cool" part though. I guess it depends on your interpretation of cool. Perhaps you can say more about yourself.


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