Vermin Street line up

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Vermin Street line up

Postby dnightshade » Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:57 am

Vermin Street is part of the Boston hive aka "Hive Village" located at 4:00. They are behind Automatic Subconscious off of esplanade.

Verdant Bleep is a social experiment.
Years of scientific research and centuries of spiritual beliefs have been focused on what color means to humans, life and the universe.
How do colors affect us? Our mood? Do they affect unseen energies floating around us?

Verdant Bleep welcomes you to come find out.
Each night, the Verdant Bleep dome will be filled with one color.
Each night: the music will be suited to the color; drinks and finger food will be suited to the color, scents will be suited to the color, and there will be tactile experiences, also designed for the particular color.

Monday: Yellow
Immerse yourself in Yellow. Feel it. Taste it. Smell it.
10 Vinyl Blight
11 #!
12 Encanti
1 Jeff Mission
2 D Juice
3 Fig

Tuesday: Purple
Wrap yourself in Purple light. Taste it. Hear it.
10 Tauntaun
11 Moldover
12 Hobotech
1 Mycho Pan Cocoa
2 Willy Whompa
3 Mr. Jennings

Wednesday: Rainbow
Bask in the flavours of the Rainbow. Let the colors trickle down your face.
12 Sugarpill
1 Bird Of Prey
2 Mr. Rogers
3 Splatinum

Thursday: Blue
What does Blue do to you? Wet? Chill?
10 Miss Tess' Disco Hour
11 Scuzzy
12 FurSure
1 #!
2 Interim Descriptor
3 Billy The Robot

Friday: Red
How does Red make you feel? Hot? Horny? Hungry? Spicy?
10 Dr Crunkle
11 Ed Lee
12 Bangarang!
1 Encanti
2 Vinyl Blight
3 Mochipet

Saturday: Green
What does Green feel like? 300Hz? How does it smell? Trees? Whats that flavour?
12 Kris Moon
1 Dave Seied
2 Pressha
3 Vinyl Blight

Sunday: Orange
How does Orange make you feel? Cinnamon, spice and everything nice? Hot coals? Prickly scents?
12 Mo7s
1 Ill Gates
2 Root
3 Citrus

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