Morton's List on the Playa - come experience Random Reality!

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Morton's List on the Playa - come experience Random Reality!

Postby randomreality » Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:07 pm

Hi, all!

Who wants to play some Morton's List in BRC this year?! =]

If you haven't played before, here's more info....

Basically, it's a group game where you simply do the following:

1) Agree to play (takes no more than an hour)

2) One person randomly becomes the group Leader

3) The Leader consults the Morton's List game book to get a random group activity everyone will do together.

4) The group discusses how they want to go about the activity. Most activities are rather general and open for creative interpretation.

5) Everyone does the activity together and has a blast! Usually what ends up happening is something that never would have happened were it not for the game. It *could* have happened, but people typically operate in a subset of reality with limited possibilities. Morton's List blows that wide open and opens players up to a world of limitless possibilities.

Morton's List has been on the playa since 2000, before it was published and this year it's ON big time!

A big bunch of Morton's List playing Burners coming in a sweet bus from the Chicagoland / Michigan area are coming to set up Camp Catawampus.... ... 917&ref=ts

At the Lakes of Fire regional Burn they went camp to camp playing Morton's List and had a truly epic time. We'll do the same in the evenings on the playa!

I'll be camped at PolyParadise at Edinburgh & 4:30.

Get a hold of me if you're interested in meeting up to play or look for me at PolyParadise between about noon and 6pm. I'll be wearing yellow and green like a parrot. ;]

I hope to see you on the playa for some amazing random adventures!

Nathan Andren

nathaninja gmail
650-646-5482 cell/txt

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