Have Friday early arrival passes to trade for transportation

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Have Friday early arrival passes to trade for transportation

Post by MaitreMaximillian » Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:24 am

What I need to transport are some poles that are 10' long, an 8' ladder, a generator, a small Tiki bar (which comes apart), and some miscellaneous supplies. The entire load would take up a space that is about 10.5 feet long, 2.5 feet wide, and about 2.5 feet high, with the exception of a the main plank of the Tiki bar, which would need to sit against some wall in the truck or whatever. This is NOT a lot of space.

The stuff for which I need transportation is in West Oakland (not far from American Steel where they held the Sand-by-the-Ton event a few weeks ago). We could load my stuff any evening before Thursday, if we wanted to leave on Thursday evening, or any time during the day on Friday, if we wanted to leave on Friday. We would caravan up to the playa together (I have my own car) and dump off my stuff at my camp location. Then I would expect transportation of my stuff back on the Monday or Tuesday after the Man burns.

I don't need help setting up. This would just be a round-trip, transport-and-dump operation for you. It's that simple.

Please contact me in PRIVATE either here or at info@pleasuresofthefleshuniversity.com. Thanks.


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