Disorient's Art Car Wash: all art cars welcome!

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Disorient's Art Car Wash: all art cars welcome!

Post by The Bass » Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:24 pm


for our tenth year on the playa, in 2010 we're building our new/improved/intergalactic Art Car Wash at 2:15 and Esplanade (right under the huge orange cone!)

come get buffed, misted, polished, and fueled! with docking stations for your Art Car, plus audio feeds, should you care to pump our tunes through your sound system. it's our way of saying thanks for all the amazing mutant vehicles that provide such gifts to our city (meanwhile hosting you all is a great gift for us!)

for 2010 the Art Car Wash will be open for daytime parties Tues-Sat, and for night parties Weds-Sat.

schedule is here (or check the Rock Star Librarian's guide)

note: space-themed art cars are especially welcome on Thursday night, when François K is doing his Deep Space party...

and yes, pedestrians are welcome too! ; )

this is what it looks like (at least in our heads... now we get to build it!)

travel safe..........

- Disoriten


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