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Postby Raindog » Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:34 pm

Hey ... DJ Raindog here ...

DJ Apollo is right ("....if you don't like the music on BMIR, try tuning in a couple hours later...."). There's no playlist or station guidelines about what to play. We're all different ... me for example? I played Miles Davis, Dvorak, Soft Machine, but then I'm 103. I also played British comedy ... and well, downright silly stuff ... let it be known that we're open to bribery though ... you come into the studio with Tequila and an ice cream sandwich .. and I'll play....... that CD of you cutting your toenails.

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Postby DaveDecibel » Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:50 pm

Decibel reporting in! One of the things I noticed working BMIR this year was that it seemed that not enough people and theme camps took advantage of the services that BMIR offers you! I was working in the production trailer several days, helping camps and events to be promoted over the airwaves and reach a greater audience. You can come by and record a PSA (Public Service Announcement) letting BMIR listeners know the 5 W's of your _____. We had a lot of people coming by Friday at 4pm to let everyone know about their events or meetings at 5pm on Friday. BMIR is on the playa all week long to help the community in a variety of ways. Don't be shy, don' forget to promote and share your event.

Also, apologies for anything said on the air between 2am and 6am on Friday morning that wasn't informative... however the area in front of BMIR was indeed shut down due to construction... didn't you see the cones?

Edit again:
I'd just like to add, this was my first year volunteering for BMIR and I would like to make one very simple suggestion to cut down on "useless chit-chat" on the air. Let me preface this by saying I speak only for myself and not any other volunteers of BMIR: Please tell your friends to stop coming by BMIR giving me Port-O-Potty updates. Are they filling up because people are putting things not made by their bodies in them? SHOCKED. I am shocked to hear of such a thing. Who would EVER throw the wrong stuff in there and plug up the cans? Did they miss the 18 stickers and notes in each port-a-potty suggesting they don't put that stuff in there? Did they not see them over all the stickers for Pee Funnel Camp? Did they miss it clearly stated several times in the guide? (Sorry, I HATE Port-a-Potty updates.) Short of standing outside with a Megaphone a shaming people, I don't think the airwaves are going to help the problem as everyone who came by seemed to think they would.
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Postby Simon of the Playa » Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:40 am

not to get off topic, but the most recent PodCast on BurnCast by DaveDecibel was Da BOMB!

thanks Dave.
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Postby DaveDecibel » Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:57 pm

not to get off topic, but the most recent PodCast on BurnCast by DaveDecibel was Da BOMB!

thanks Dave.

Thank you for listening. It been a rough couple of days for me and I'm glad I popped on. You put a smile on my face! Always glad that my passion in my hobbies can be shared with and enjoyed by others. Thank you :)

In addition to Burncast, my Podcasts, and a few other random links you may come across; Bobzilla and several other BMIR staffers have set up a great stream with thousands of the tunes you hear on BMIR. Its been mentioned before, but always bears repeating, hit up to bring the Playa back to your second home.
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Postby Gravybrain » Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:34 am

I love BMIR and pretty have it running inside our shade stucture the entire week. This year we had a nearby camp that would listen to satelite radio blues station all week, why the fuck would you listen to something to can listen to in the default world?! Camp Gravybrain loves BMIR!
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