Most fantastic theme idea EVER!

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Re: Most fantastic theme idea EVER!

Post by subliminalkick » Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:17 pm

ehh kinda strikes a chord for me im one of those virgins youzz been talkin bout
beein from Ohio its kind far from alot of the cultural centers all the main ones bein 4-6+ hr drives
ive been all around the area hiking and so forth but being a musician knowing most of all the big local guys its all kida got stale
ive allways had the dream of driving cross country but never really had a motivation for going
san fran seattle and so forth great to live there but oooooo another city for a week or so.......
then BM hit me like a ton o bricks a month ago when a coworker long time burner INSISTED i go
im hiting th road alone and the 30+ hr drive im taking a week to get there to see the us as ive allwas wanted to
so the theme hit well for me...................:-)
See ya on the playa

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