Esplanade placement for 2011

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Post by Tamino » Fri Apr 01, 2011 5:53 pm

neon tetra wrote:
Tamino wrote:I stayed with Automatic Subconscious for the past two years. Once at 3:30 and Esplanade and this year at 4:00 and Esplanade. We are a big camp with a big dome. Biggest problem is defining private camp space with public camp space. We like to sit in our private area and look out on the Esplanade but every Tom, Dick and Hippie wanted to crash in our private space. Even after we setup a very nice artistic fence. People thought it was a bike rack.

The thing about being a theme camp on the Esplanade is that you have to make sure your camp is accessible to the public at all hours and you have to be hard core interactive.

I like being on the Esplanade.
Honestly, that camp shouldn't be on the esplanade, imho. Probably the least friendly one I've come across out there, and their 'private space' should be in the back somewhere, not right out front. When there's a bunch of couches right on the esplanade, it's only natural that people will think it's a public area, which it isn't.
I think your opinion is valid, however, AutoSub is very friendly and yes you are right when you say we should think about moving our private space further back. It is a major point we are taking up this year while we design our space. I'm curious who you talked to at the camp. Obviously you had spent some time there since the details of our camp are still fresh in your mind.
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