Destiny Lounge to Return in 2011!!

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Re: Destiny Lounge to Return in 2011!!

Postby bigbluedoggy » Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:36 am

What a great year! So grateful to all of our campmates for their support in pulling off a fabulous Destiny Lounge once again! Many Balls were Rocked and the Oracle ultimately did appear to answer questions for the unwitting. Great thanks to our own Dutch Boy and Mark for continuing to hone the software even after we hit the playa. Photos are few from me, but I know others took some good shots of the lounge and I'll get a few up sometime. High point for me was definitely being gifted an aerial tour of the city and included a round trip to Winnemucca for ice cream (and fuel) on Friday morning! Gallons of fresh brewed ice tea and lemonade were made and consumed. We still feel we offer the best lemonade on the playa!!

Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi and play and just hang out. We loved our corner at 3:00 and Anniversary Street! No telling what next year holds at this point...

Woofs all around!
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