Lookin for theme camp. could your's use a hand?

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Lookin for theme camp. could your's use a hand?

Post by Tungsten » Sat Jul 02, 2011 3:31 pm

Hello friends,

One playa vet, one virgin.
Very motivated, Very handy, Very personable.
Team players.

Main reason we didn't do our own camp and crew is we have to fly in this year due to lack of available time-off from default-world jobs.
We are looking to join a cool group to share environment and good times, (+ shower and shade facilities, large stuffs we can't realistically fly in)
we will of course contribute in many ways ($$ for camp expenses, set-up, k.p etc)

Also we can come in early and set up because we have to leave sunday the 4th.

THanks and see you on the playa.

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Re: Lookin for theme camp. could your's use a hand?

Post by marck » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:05 pm

Not that I can offer you any slots in a theme camp. (Unless you wouldn't mind being dinner)

But perhaps a little more detail with your backgrounds. How veterany are you, maybe what skill sets you can bring to the table.
(Can you DJ, play an instrument, or give massages and healing energy)

Unless you wind up getting recruited into a theme camp that is more concerned with how much you are going to pay them, many people are going to want to know who they will be spending the week with.

You should consider reading some of the posts that might be related to your search, and since this is so very late in the planning game, you may also consider camping on your own, many people have survived without a real shower for a week on just babywipes.
May Shai-Hulud clear the path for you.
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Re: Lookin for theme camp. could your's use a hand?

Post by Savannah » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:36 pm

Hey Tungsten,

Comb the 2011 Theme Camps and message or email the ones that resonate. (They generally expect people to come to them.)

If you get stuck, Reno's got several Home Depots and WalMarts as well as smaller and perhaps more deserving businesses, and so many of them cater to the hurried Burner at that time of year. If you're really determined, you can fly in, shop, sleep(?) & drive 2 hours. I was a baby-wipe girl my first year, and it was worth it. Your mileage may vary . . .

Good luck.

ETA: Oh hey, check it out. This camp is still recruiting:
http://eplaya.burningman.org/viewtopic. ... &start=120

There now. :)


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