Seeking A Grounded, Welcoming Homespace at BM

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Seeking A Grounded, Welcoming Homespace at BM

Postby ForestFay » Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:56 pm

Greetings BM Community!

I recently discovered that the folks who put together the small and wonderful camp I was a part of last year will sadly not be returning to the playa this year. And so, myself and my dear friend are seeking a new homespace- as part of a theme camp, or simply congregating our setup alongside other like-minded individuals or community.

This will be my second year at BM and my friend's first. Each of us have individual skills to offer, with interests in physical & spiritual wellness, yoga, nourishing food - and, of course, good frolicking fun.

I very much love the magical mayhem and abundance of opportunity on the playa - but in the homespace of camp, we would like to be part of a grounded, supportive environment- a place that feels safe and welcoming.

Last year, I was able to connect with a fantastic group through the amazing powers of the internet community.... and I hope by reaching out here, we will perhaps connect with our future camp-mates (or friends of, etc.).

We are both located in the SF Bay Area.

Many Thanks!

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Re: Seeking A Grounded, Welcoming Homespace at BM

Postby mauricioo » Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:33 pm

Hi ForestFay,

We are a new camp with old burners called GoodTime Island. Check us out at and use the registration form to ("How?" Link) to get in touch with us.

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Re: Seeking A Grounded, Welcoming Homespace at BM

Postby AntiM » Tue Jul 12, 2011 6:32 am

There's always Hushville.

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Re: Seeking A Grounded, Welcoming Homespace at BM

Postby veleda » Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:35 pm

Hey there!

We're an SF Bay Area based camp (though we have members from all over our core team mostly resides here) and we're all about grounded heart-centered space.

feel free to check out our website:

if its in vibe..we have a meet n' greet coming up at the end of July and there are lots of opportunities to meet before hand too.
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