Camp Lightbox - 9:00 Plaza

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Camp Lightbox - 9:00 Plaza

Post by Irreverent Moniker » Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:06 pm

From the street, passers by will see a carnival-themed camp with a 28' diameter "Spiro-Dome" flanking the right side of the camp. Inside the dome, there will be a 10' observation deck (which will be viewable from the street) along with numerous carpets, pillows, seats and lounge areas. The Cardinal, a 10' vintage travel trailer, will sit between the Spiro-Dome and the Burning Booth. The Burning Booth is a 10'X10' carnival tent, containing a carnival-style photo booth. Bike parking will be available in front of the dome and just behind the dome.

Burning Booth: Carnival-style photo booth will provide photostrips that include photos, booth address, and website to download full size pictures (free, obviously). There will be a costume closet available for those without costumes. Camp hosts will interact with visitors, helping them with costume changes and to get the best possible photo strip. We'll also have a "Burning Booth Time Machine" feature where photos of well known art installations from previous years will be on a green screen. If, for example, someone missed 2007 they can have their picture taken with the Big Rig Jig or Crude Awakening.

Spiro-Dome: 24-hour lounge provides respite from the heat/cold and access to a 10ft Playa viewing platform.

Cardinal: Camp hosts will be serving serving toaster treats and blended cocktails out of a vintage trailer during specified hours.

Philosophy: Our camp is founded on inclusivity. We have 10-year veterans as well as virgin burners and our only request is full-participation and suspension of judgement. Some of the best Playa experiences are random interactions with strangers that end with smiles. Over the years we've enjoyed many small camps with little gifts and lots of love. This year it's our turn to give back.
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