We have space for more participants in our camp!

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We have space for more participants in our camp!

Post by Xain » Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:58 am

We are currently recruiting for our placed theme camp.

-Why should we choose you?

-Sorry no virgins unless accompanied by an experienced burner.

-we do not have camp fees per say but we do require contribution of some sort (time, skills, booze,knowledge, booze, etc)

-if you are under 21 you will not be drinking at our bar, sorry.

-we will have kitchen and shower facilities


We are a group of mid 20 somethings and a few early 30's from the northwest (noCal and Oregon) and have all participated in burning man 3+ times.
Our camp will feature a bar and 2+ Domes for chill and music and games.
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Re: We have space for more participants in our camp!

Post by Tinkerbell » Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:09 pm

Hey burner family!
So this will be my eight year to the burn. :D Super stoked. I have had to miss a few burns throughout but luckily will be here this year. I usually camp with the camp called Positive Vibe Movement, based out of south Florida. I am actually from Sac myself. Just wondering what you guys are about.... doesn't seem like my old camp is doing much this year so thought to start venturing new areas and new people....

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Re: We have space for more participants in our camp!

Post by gypzycamp » Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:40 am

well hellloooo there....

I'm a mid-20-something 3-year veteran burner who's found myself rather campless this year! I'm in noCal (Sierra foothills <3) and would absolutely love the opportunity to meet some new amazing people and do new amazing things. Whats your camp all about, and where shall you be?

I can contribute all sorts of things to the cause! Help with food, sewing skillz, experience in camp setup/takedown, booze donations, etc! I'm awesome and fun to be around and really down with the idea of getting to know an entirely new group of people for this year's Burn. in the past I've spent too much time with people I already know and love well. It's time to branch out and snap out of ze comfort zone. ;)

PM me here so we can be friends! ^_^ \m/


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