Burning Souls Theme Camp

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Burning Souls Theme Camp

Post by Corbin » Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:53 am

Greetings readers!

Our camp was created around the question: What is a soul?

The disco dome will center on the idea of soul coming from the heart. A giant beating heart will hang from the center of the dome acting as the chandelier center piece. Arteries and veins will trace the walls of the cavity. Lighting will vary from extreme red and blue color washes to controlled minimums highlighting a cavernous darkness and the simplicity of a primal heartbeat. DJs and electronic artists will be providing music from the afternoon on through the night. Genres of music you say? The music will be mostly underground house/techno/4-to-the-floor musics and also include funk, disco, ambient, leftfield, and beyond.

The bar dome will explore the idea of soul being cerebral (of or relating to the brain or the intellect). Is it all in your head? The brain is filled with electricity, busy with activity. Neurons, synapses, etc. Visitors will have to "swim" through tangled light and wires. Spinning disco balls will provide the dizzying movement of the brain. Happy Salmon Happy Hour starts at 4pm (no boring tuna pls).
The cozy lounge dome will capture the concept of soul as indefinable and indefinite. The white glow of blacklights will provide a sense of the unusual - light out of darkness. Glowing orbs will hang from the ceiling reflecting the obscure. Broken clocks will decorate the walls representing an intangible sense time, infiniteness. All are welcome to hang out and take a break; shirt-cocking and moop-ing is discouraged though.

We will be located between 2:00 and 2:30 on the Esplanade. Come on by and tell us what you think a soul really is; personally, I think its about 21 grams of playa dust, but thats me. If all else fails just come on by to hang out and share a smile.


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