Theme camp looking for members

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Theme camp looking for members

Postby tanzonya » Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:58 pm

Are you looking to join a theme camp? Does the vision of our camp (see below) resonate with you? If so, please contact me here or at - we would love to chat with you!

Our theme camp devoted to celebrating and exploring the role of tattoos in marking rites of passage. We will be offering a place to view and reflect on how tattoos are used to mark significant transitions in the life cycle and to play with body art and artists in the spirit of the fun and the sacred. We will offer an installation displaying tattoos as markers of significant change; a polaroid camera, guestbook, and display for burners to record their own tattoo stories; and daily resident body-artists to help people actualize their visions for tattoos as symbols of significant life experience.

Our camp is fantastically located at 9:30 and A and there will be 8-12 camp members. We already have the infrastructure for camp, fundraising underway and plans to do body art at some playa events! And you need not be a body artist to camp with us, in fact, most of us are not!

See you on the playa or sooner!

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