Awesome, Sexy, Orphans looking for a home in YOUR camp!

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Awesome, Sexy, Orphans looking for a home in YOUR camp!

Post by kelizabeth » Mon Aug 22, 2011 1:06 pm

So, this years plans have taken one sucker punch after another. The current drama is that our wonderful camp of many years merged with Burn Town this year. Burn Town placed a cap on campers. That cap was met. Our camp mates failed to let us in on this until yesterday. This is problematic, as I like having a kitchen, friends for the week, and camp stuff to be a part of/assist with. We can always camp by ourselves and go buy a bunch of cooking/cleaning equipment, but that just sounds darn lonely.

Then this morning I found out my friend gave one of the two will call tickets promised to us to his aunt. So now I'm on ebay, trying to hustle another ticket. >< Thanks, BUDDY.

And I just put my grandmother to rest on Friday.

And I'm still determined to go and have a good time.

SO! If anyone is looking to fill some spots in their camp, let me know! We prefer somewhere between 10 and 6 streets, and can pay any associated camp fees, I can assist with bartending, cleaning, events, whatever! There's 2-3 of us (one of us has a spot at BMIR camp, but wants to camp with us, so if there's only two spaces, no problem)

Please note that I did not use the words miracle, overwhelmed, journey, desperate, etc., etc. in this query. Because that would be gross. Just putting feelers out there. Plus, I'm super cute, so, just think about that prancing around your camp. Really, think about it.
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