Tits Tassels & Tallywackers: A variety show

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Tits Tassels & Tallywackers: A variety show

Postby Marzipan » Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:48 pm

Ooops... please see under Stages looking for performers...

What could be better for 2011 on playa then an evening of Burlesquey & Vaudeville? Shut your mouth. Nothing. Sooo... this group is an effort to gather interested performers, fans and pastie aficionados in anticipation.

We are seeking:
* Jugglers * Burlesquers * Drag performers * Animal impersonators * Fire performers (but you had better be damn good) * Contortionists * Sword swallowers * Bearded ladies * Dirty story tellers * Opera singers* Yodelers* Marching bands * Freaks* Any variety of comic relief ..... its a variety show.... almost anything goes.... Also, if you have a stand alone strip pole and want to strip, hooray!

Location: 3-C... a stage is being built...

WHEN: Wednesday evening.

BYOdrinks... our camp isn't outfitted to have an open bar.. but free hugs, high fives, burn barrels to warm by, porta-potties right next door. Come play!

Interested parties please e-mail me, Marzipan (burlesquer) at:

On facebook join our group if you would like to perform: Burlesquey & Vaudeville: Tits & treats on playa
Fire it up!

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