Silvermouse, electro-acoustica, seeks stage to share love

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Silvermouse, electro-acoustica, seeks stage to share love

Post by silverjojo » Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:07 pm

Silvermouse is looking for places to play... we call our music Earth Trance... hard to describe, you have to listen, kind of acoustic gypsy meets techno zippy in a psychedelic land with diamonds in the sky...

we play electrocacoustic - there are 2 of us (we're a couple actually - and we have a 2 year old). i'm from london originally and justin is from a little all over the usa.

justin is madskillz multi-instrumentalist - electric guitar, electric violin, mandolin, didgeridoo, flute, hand drums.

i am laptopagogo baby. all live creation and mixing of beats, heavy bass, earth rhythms

it all bends and blends and weaves into one sound - earth trance

this will be our first burn - last year we had linked up with some fantastic people to play, were stoked, but then we got stuck in the uk after summer tour there with an expired greencard, so i wasn't allowed to come back into the country (oops!)

we are back now!!! and getting it together once more for burning man 2011... can't wait.

you can visit our website to listen to the latest track - ziggy and me - it's the first track off our 2nd album, space country (we're in the studio working on this right now, it'll be out later in the year)... the first track gives a taster tho...

there are other tracks to download and a copy of the first album to listen to.

you can also check out and

please get back to us with any ideas you might have - we can't wait to play with you and let the silver wee mouse run free in the desert
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