Anyone transporting artwork from Iowa to Burning Man?

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Anyone transporting artwork from Iowa to Burning Man?

Postby jis11dy » 5 years ago

There are 10 people in Ames, IA, trying to figure out transport options for projects being built for the Playa. Anyone else in Iowa looking for people to share project transport to the Burn?

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Postby theCryptofishist » 5 years ago

I would try the regionals sub-forum, too.
(Lower left, next to general discussion on the index page.)
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Postby leifaldrin » 5 years ago

Good to be here.I will wait for other ticket sale.
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I'm passing through Iowa via Wisconsin

Postby xochi74 » 5 years ago

I have family in Ames, was planning on visiting them enroute to BRC. Have a 4x4 four passenger chevy truck....plenty of space. With a trailer hitch. I'm camping with full serve-self-serve camp. Just hauling my dome, and some fire toys, a tent, and provision pick-up in reno.

I can offer room for a rider or two, and to haul stuff. Would be nice to have a convoy/ drive in shifts. Nebraska is one state I wanna sleep through.

So if you think this might work, give a shout.


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