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Postby divaDanielle » Thu May 19, 2011 2:22 pm

While fundraising for our Charlie the Unicorn art car, we met Robn and Blaze. Blaze suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2007. 2006 had been his first burn. Our camp is making WELCOME HOME BLAZE medallions for his return to the playa.

Watch his story here:

Our kickstarter campaign can be found here:

Burning Man is a great party, maybe the best party on the planet. But we also find that it's a place where people connect on very deep level. We received an email from Robn, who backed us for $100. We asked if we could share her message with everyone, and she agreed.

" ...the donation is for my son Blaze for his 23rd bday. This will be his epic return to BM after 3 yrs hiatus. He suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident in Jan 07. Despite his ongoing recovery my husband and I brought him out to BM in 07. It was a trying and difficult experience... but as always on the Playa magical stuff happens and it was all part of our growth in consciousness. Anyway, I'm hoping that it's not too much to ask to put HIS name (BLAZE FONTAINE FLOYD) on the cave wall instead of mine. He LOVES CHARLIE THE UNICORN and this will make him the happiest person in the WORLD!!!!!

It's been hard for him to remember his first trip in '06 before the accident. He has glimpses, but nothing concrete (that could be said for a lot of us though....) He has been ... afraid... to come back, so I'm doing a lot to assure him that it will be a awesome homecoming.

I'm so in awe of Blaze. I can hardly wait for you to meet him."

Yes, Charlie the Unicorn is going to be an amazing art car and a great party with sparkly people. But Robn's email has moved us very deeply. We are reminded that when we are there we say to people "welcome home", and how important that is to ourselves and so many others.

There is magic on the Playa, and we want Charlie and our camp to add to that. We've added a $20 option to our Ks campaign, the "Welcome Home Blaze" Medallion. The medallion features his smiling face plus "Welcome Home Blaze" across the top. Our goal? Hundreds of medallions and hugs greeting him.

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