Any burlesque performers out there?

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Any burlesque performers out there?

Postby lorikamee » 5 years ago

It's going to be my first year at BM and I'm looking to do some burlesque while I'm there. I produce/perform a show called the Blood Ballet Cabaret based out of Montreal and its a really good time so I'd like to share! Are there other burlesque performers out there looking for partners in crime or maybe just give me some tips?

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Postby Trishntek » 5 years ago

Your project looks fucking awesome! I wish there was room for us to host you,,,, but alas I honestly do not know at this point who might be able to help you. Did you try a search of 2010 camps under cabaret or burlesque?
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Postby Snow » 5 years ago

perhaps try here some great people and burners
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Postby moonrise » 5 years ago

This camp is looking for burlesque performers. you'll find their post nine posts down on that thread. Good luck!

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Postby unjonharley » 5 years ago

I have a clown.. a.k.a. Just Another Clown.

My clown has never been on stage.. Might be fun to work some thing up..

Only have preformed in street mob scences with Cocaphony cut ups..

Fright wig, burned out nose. gout swollen foot in pajamies,,

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