treadle on the playa?

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treadle on the playa?

Postby scrappypants » Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:43 am

Hi, I'm new to eplaya, but my husband and I are returning to BRC for the third time this year, and I find I need advice for our project. The scheme revolves around having a working treadle sewing machine. I'm here to ask for experiences from those of you who've used a treadle, and especially anyone who's had one on the playa. How do they do out there? Any special care you took to keep the dust from grinding everything to a halt?

I'm excited, I think I'll be able to locate a working treadle by then, materials shouldn't be a problem, and I think with planning we will have good MOOP prevention. I think I just need to hear from someone that they've kept a treadle sewing machine working for a week on the playa.

So, anyone who's done it?

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