Solar heartbeat dome!

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Solar heartbeat dome!

Postby alexxai » Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:52 am

Dear Burners, Solar lovers, Engineering lovers and Art lovers,

We are building a HeartBeat Dome for the upcoming 2011 Burning Man festivities. The dome is powered by solar and reacts to YOUR heartbeat. You will be able to hear and feel your heartbeat all around you and see it represented in beautiful lighting effects. Plus a solar powered fan in the roof to keep you cool in the daytime. We are positive we'll be able to bring the dome to Burning Man, but we're looking for help to make the dome as amazing as possible!

You can help out by posting the Kickstarter link to your Facebook page, liking it on Kickstarter, emailing it around and of course donating. There are awesome kickstarter "gifts" for donors too :)

Here's the link ... tbeat-dome

UPDATE: Sorry I noticed a message about this project was already posted by another member of our team - I didn't meant to spam, but I can't find out how to delete this posting!

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