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Postby caught a glimpse » 5 years ago

Hey All!

I'm looking for advice, I would love to set up a body paint station, I draw, but I've never really done body painting--so all advice is welcome, but the question I do need answered, is: What kind of paints to buy, company? or type? that can be found in large quantities? And what is people's preferred method of application?

Looking forward to this, the butterflies in my tummy are aflutter.

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Re: Bodypaint

Postby Sham » 5 years ago

A colorful waterbased paint from any art supply house would work great. I have seen all sorts of amazing work done. I think the trick is to have it be washable at the end of a dusty day.
As far as I'm concerned, you can pick up a can of latex paint from Home Depot and roll it on me with a 12 inch paint roller. It sure beats wearing clothes! :D

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Re: Bodypaint

Postby EspressoDude » 5 years ago

you must really enjoy body paint if it takes a 12 inch roller :roll:
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Re: Bodypaint

Postby Smenkare » 5 years ago

I'm fond of using glow in the dark body paint/crayons for night time performances. You can pick it up pretty cheap off Amazon.

ZINKA is AWESOME for day time wear and sun tattoing (if you'd be interested in doing something like that.) plus it's great SPF protection for the naughty bits...
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