Music Invitation from Burners Without Borders

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Music Invitation from Burners Without Borders

Postby Lost Tom » Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:04 pm


Burners Without Borders has a stage on the Esplanade... and is looking for bands. Specifically, we are hoping a good band steps up to help us equip the stage for live performance. You help us with music gear, and you get a "residency" on the Esplanade. Equipment will be handled only by professional sound engineers, and kept secure and safe when not in use. We will be able to book bands during our day time programming, and we'll work out a schedule with you to make your Playa musical dreams come true.

Around you, we'll be making history-- by making a prototype of an "Emergency Response" musical facility. We want to be able to go into a disaster zone and pull musicians back to their feet for their own benefit and their community's. We will have three modules: recording, composing and live performance. We'll rebuild communities as we rebuild towns.

For more information, please drop an email to

Thank you.

Burners Without Borders

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Re: Music Invitation from Burners Without Borders

Postby Savannah » Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:56 pm

Hi Lost Tom,

You may also wish to post this in the "Stages Looking For Artists" thread under 2011 Art & Performance:

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